Collection: Jumbo's

This is where you will find different vessels that I find along the way.  I only purchase a limited supply of each vessel so if you love it - buy it, because it will be here today and gone tomorrow.  Each candle is handcrafted using using premium, luxurious fragrance oils and my own blend of Coconut & Soy Wax using 100% cotton wicks.
  • ***SOLD OUT*** 800g Bunny Dish - Triple wicked with an eggcellent scent of Raspberry, Hazelnut & Cocoa. Totally yummy with the scent lingering forever.

  • ***SOLD OUT*** Purpose made especially for Valentine's Day, Infinite.
    Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruit - 450g, single wick. The celestial beauty of this iridescent stemless glass is timeless and elegant with a scent to match.

  • ***SOLD OUT*** Tea Cups made by Morgan & Finch, filled with your scent, 350g, triple wicked.

  • ***SOLD OUT*** Zebra print tin is an African inspired purpose candle vessel filled with The Serengeti - Wild Lemongrass - 450g, triple wicked.