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Ballroom - Spiced Saffron & Amber

Ballroom - Spiced Saffron & Amber

A romantic and opulent blend of soft florals, spiced saffron and amber. Think Baccarat Rouge and Ballrooms. Bring a touch of luxury to your everyday routine with Spiced Saffron & Amber. Transport yourself to a world of elegance and romance with soft floral notes and a hint of exotic saffron. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life (and ballroom dances). Get ready to make a statement with your signature scent.

Small - 320 g | 30+ hours | double wick | 8cm (h) x 10cm (w)
Large - 600 g | 80+ hours |  double wick | 13cm (h) x 10cm (w)

Australian Handcrafted Coconut & Soy Candle | Hand Labelled & Packaged.

This candle includes a wooden lid with a seal, allowing you to repurpose your vessel. The lid also doubles as a base for your burning candle. Please note that these candles are not boxed.

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