Aroma Scent & Aroma Pet Candles

Ethically sourced and sustainable candles, hand crafted in-house at "The Chandlery", bringing love and beautiful charismatic scents to your home and tranquility to your pets. Ella Wick will transform your space, from a perfectly scented candle to an elegant reed diffuser that will create calm and relaxation. Your favourite fragrance is waiting for you, smell happiness and evoke memories from within.

With 600 g of coconut & soy wax, our large glass jars have a burn time of 100+ hours.

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Ella Wick Candles

Established in 2021, all products are made in St. Ives in my Chandlery. Handcrafted with the cats sound asleep and the dogs at my feet, I’ve tried and tested all the Aroma Pet candles with my animals in mind and have created a range called Aroma Scent for you too.

Ella Wick candles are expertly crafted using quality essential oils proven safe for animals and premium grade cosmetic fragrances with sustainably sourced coconut & soy wax. All of the scents are full of nostalgia and good vibes, evoking memories from within. Each candle is hand poured in small batches into my signature borosilicate glass jars with bamboo lids. Dreamy aromas for any space.

Ella Wick specialises in custom branding and I pride myself in creating sustainable and
really beautiful handcrafted corporate candles.

The large borosilicate glass jars are 600g, the Jumbo Jars
range from 950g to 1.3kg, the limited-edition jars range from 300g - 450g and
limited-edition concrete Sea Shell is 1kg of Coconut & Soy wax.

Proud to ensure that our ingedients are not tested on animals.

Our products are plant based and vegan friendly.

We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, new &

Life's Short, Smell Happiness & Stay Lit. Love, Dani x

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